My Software


“Psychedelic” is a pretty weird piece of software. It’s hard to explain, so it’d be better to just download the software and have a go. Psychedelic displays custom text on a window, which covers the screen, and “follows” the mouse.

The text displayed is customisable, and you can make your own copies of Psychedelic that you can distribute to your friends and family! :)

(Yes, I know it’s spelt wrong… but I see no reason to rename it!)

How to use:

In the package, there are three files: “psych.exe”, “psych_gen.exe” and “template.exe”. It is important that psych_gen.exe and template.exe are placed in the same directory!

To view a sample Psychedelic file, run the “psych.exe” file. (Isn’t it awesome? :D)

To make your own, make sure “template.exe” is in the same directory as “psych_gen.exe” and run the “psych_gen.exe” program. The “New File” prompt is the location that you’d like the new Psychedelic file to go to, and the “Text” prompt is what text you’d like displayed. Then, just click Generate, and you’re done! :)



Screenshot of Psychadelic software