As I’m a software developer, I use the Internet to distribute my work around. Here’s a list of some of the programs I’ve made.

Open Source

Major Releases

  1. CryptFolio
  2. Crypto Converter (Android)
  3. Text Deformer
  4. Galaxy Games Online
  5. Simple C++ Testing Framework (simplectest)
  6. Software/Notes 2003
  7. Journals
  8. Music Wiki

Minor Releases

  1. Software/Font Selector
  2. Software/Character Count
  3. Software/Psychadelic
  4. Software/Clipboard Set
  5. Software/Calculate BPM

No Longer Supported

  1. Software/GTA3 Mod
  2. Software/DC++ Upload Counter
  3. Software/Your IP and Software/Your IP 2

Also see: Web Development for my web projects.