Tēnā koutou e hoa mā!

My name is Jevon (she/her), and I’m a software architect, game designer, enterpreneur, musician, researcher, and community leader based in beautiful Te Whanganui-a-Tara, Aotearoa.

Welcome to my little slice of the Internet.

I’m making a game! 🙀🎉

The game is called Adaptory, and is a base-building survival game, combining multiple complex simulations with a story-rich world.

I’ll be posting updates of my progress on the website, the dev blog, or on Patreon.

Adaptory logo

Some of my open source projects include html2text, html2text_ruby, openclerk, gittime, and statgit2.

You can contact me at support@jevon.org, and feel free to use my public key.