A rule engine for Java.

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  2. Adding the source rule to elements inserted by Drools
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Important Hints

If you use the following in a Drools rule:

x : ObjectType( ) from other.property

It is important to realise that other.property will not be type checked; that is, **other.property may be a type other than ObjectType**.

You should instead use this:

x : ObjectType( object.property == this )

ClassNotFoundException with a ReturnValue Invoker

I was getting this exception for a fairly normal rule:

org.drools.RuntimeDroolsException: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.openiaml.model.drools.Rule_Create_Select_Wire_between_Domain_Object_types_0ReturnValue0Invoker
  at org.drools.rule.PackageCompilationData.reload(PackageCompilationData.java:224)
  at org.drools.common.AbstractRuleBase$ReloadPackageCompilationData.execute(AbstractRuleBase.java:830)
  at org.drools.common.AbstractRuleBase.executeQueuedActions(AbstractRuleBase.java:792)
Caused by: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.openiaml.model.drools.Rule_Create_Select_Wire_between_Domain_Object_types_0ReturnValue0Invoker
  at org.drools.rule.PackageCompilationData$PackageClassLoader.findClass(PackageCompilationData.java:374)
  at org.drools.rule.PackageCompilationData.wire(PackageCompilationData.java:255)
  at org.drools.rule.PackageCompilationData.reload(PackageCompilationData.java:220)
  ... 55 more

My rule was quite innocent:

rule "Create Select Wire between Domain Object types"
    scope : Session ( )
    object: DomainObject ( eval(hasDomainAttribute(object)) )


The problem is that you cannot have a variable named “object” passed to a function using eval. Not sure why, but this is the case in JBoss Drools 4.0.7.