Citadel is a mail server and groupware thing for Linux. It supports SMTP, IMAP, POP3 and SSL.

Citadel removes “From” name or replaces it with username

While apparently you can fix this by correctly specifying the users’ address book entry, this didn’t fix it for me at all on any account. Just turn off “Correct forged From: lines during authenticated SMTP”. Perhaps if you were less braindead, Citadel, this feature would actually be useful.

Installing a custom SSL

The instructions on the Citadel site are pretty close, but if you already have the SSL certificate that you want to install - replace /etc/ssl/citadel/citadel.* with your new certificates and keys (make sure the certificate is .cer, not .crt).

Configuring Certificate Chain File

If your SSL certificate needs to be installed alongside a SSLCertificateChainFile provided by your SSL provider, then to configure the certficate chain file, you need to append the providers certificate into the same /etc/ssl/citadel/citadel.cer.

If you don’t do this, you may get errors from Gmail saying “SSL error: unable to verify the first certificate” (more discussion).

Cannot forward/receive abuse@domain emails

By default, Citadel defines five addresses which are given “aide” permissions, meaning that incoming messages will not be subject to the normal server-side email filters: bbs, root, Auto, postmaster, and abuse. When replying within Webcit, the error message Higher access is required to post in this room will also be displayed; otherwise, the e-mail message may simply bounce back with a similar error.

These can be removed as special user accounts by editing /etc/citadel/mail.aliases.