Bower is a package manager, similar to npm and composer, but seems to be more about client side stuff.

Registering and publishing a package on bower

This is particularly complicated if you are trying to fork an existing repository into a new Bower package.

  1. Create your Github repository.
  2. Run bower register <your-package-name> git://
  3. Bower uses Git tags to register new versions, so you need to create a new tag in order to correctly register the component.
  4. Run git tag -a v3.0.1 and then git push --tags to create and push the tags to Github.
  5. You can now run bower info <your-package-name> to see the current version and tags available.
  6. Or install it with bower install --save-dev <your-package-name> in another project.

For example, my first Bower component: