Keynote speakers comprising experts in the various disciplines of bioinformatics will be invited to present the latest innovations, technologies, ideas and research findings in their respective areas of expertise. Additional speakers/keynotes will be listed as invitations are accepted. Speakers/keynotes include:

Jim Mullins
University of Washington, Seattle, USA
HIV bioinformatics
Terry Speed
Walter and Eliza Hall Institute, California, USA
Garth Cooper
Protemix and the University of Auckland
Proteomics, diabetes genomics, pharmacogenomics
Dr. Robert Gentleman
Harvard University School of Public Health, Boston
Statistics for bioinformatics, proteomics, BioConductor
Peter Johnstone
AgResearch, New Zealand
Statistics, QTL analysis
Christos Ouzounis
Cambridge, UK
Bruce Weir
North Carolina State University, North Carolina, USA
Forensics, statistical bioinformatics
Alexei Drummond
Oxford, UK
Population and evolutionary genetics
Jotun Hein
Oxford, UK
Computational biology and bioinformatics
Rod Page
Glasgow, UK
Parasite-host evolution
Thomas Leitner
Los Alamos National Laboraties, New Mexico, USA
Marc Suchard
UCLA, Los Angeles, USA
Bayesian inference
Bruce Rannala
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Population and evolutionary genetics
Jeff Thorne
North Carolina State University, North Carolina, USA
Phylogenetics and evolutionary biology
Hao Bai-lin
Institute of Theoretical Physics, China
Test datasets and evaluation of gene-fidners for the rice genome
Limsoon Wong
Institute for Infocomm Research, Singapore
Satoru Miyano
Institute of Medical Science, University of Tokyo
Haruki Nakamura
Institute for Protein Research, Osaka University
Christian Schoenbach
RIKEN Genomic Sciences Center, RIKEN Yokohama Institute
Shoba Ranganathan
Biotechnology Research Institute, Macquarie University