Related XML technologies:

  1. XPath
  2. RDF
  3. OWL
  4. XMI
  5. XSL
  6. RSS

Some XML articles:

  1. Disabling DTD validation for Ant xmlvalidate task within Eclipse
  2. Loading an XML DOM Document from an InputStream or IFile (from Java)
  3. Writing an XML DOM Document into an InputStream or IFile (from Java)
  4. Traversing an XML DOM document and creating new elements (from Java)

Generate Sample XML data from an XSD schema

  1. A commercial tool is XMLSpy.
  2. A freeware tool is Liquid XML Studio (freeware community edition), although the installer isn’t too intelligent, and the product isn’t very robust!

Adding Arbitrary Namespaces to an XML document root in W3C DOM for Java

If you want to add multiple namespaces to an XML document in W3C Java, you can use code similar to the following (inspired by this post):

Element root = document.getDocumentElement();
root.setAttributeNS("", "xmlns:foo", "");

Content Type of RSS

Much of the Internet suggests that the Content-type for RSS should be application/rss+xml.

However, Firefox doesn’t know how to handle this format, and as such, asks you to save it to disk rather than displaying it inline.

Upon further investigation I found out the problem is that application/rss+xml isn’t actually a valid registered MIME type!

Even though it has more of a description than simply application/xml, Firefox doesn’t recognise /+xml as generic XML documents (an outstanding bug). So in the meantime, application/xml is the best format.