• Use of FONT tag
  • Automatically-generated IDs, eg. Table_01, style3, style4
  • Multiple HTML, TITLE tags

Pretty Bad

  • A which has no content inside its link (displays as no link) unless its a A NAME
  • BR or P followed by DIV or /DIV
  • BR followed by BR followed by BR
  • Use of cellpadding, cellspacing, bgcolor, bordercolor or background
  • Two IDs repeated on the same page
  • TDs which only contain IMGs (indicate likelihood of table-based layout)
  • STYLE outside of HEAD


  • IMG with a width or height of 1
  • Use of NBSP
  • Use of align, valign


  • Use of B instead of STRONG
  • Use of I instead of EM


  • INPUT elements outside of FORMs