I just bought a Nokia 2730 Mobile Phone. Here are some various notes.

  1. User Guide

Things I Enjoy about my Nokia 2730

(Compared to my last two phones: A Samsung ZV10 and a Nokia 2125)

  • It works with Google Sync!
  • Google Sync!!
  • It shows images of your contacts (from Google Sync) when a phone or message comes through.
  • It has an e-mail client that interacts with any e-mail provider, including Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, or a custom POP or IMAP
  • To do a smiley of :) or :(, you can type ‘..’
  • To select a symbol, you just have to press ‘*’ once
  • Applications can be downloaded and moved anywhere
  • Applications can be loaded onto the memory card outside of the phone
  • It directly supports firmware updates (although none have been released yet)
  • Downloading and uploading files have been unified across all interfaces
  • When moving files, you can create a new folder in the same window
  • It supports limited multitasking (I think two applications can run at the same time?)
  • It has an inbuilt radio that finds stations automatically, and the radio can be put on loudspeaker
  • It has a 1600x1200 camera (though the picture quality is fairly average)
  • Photos can be taken in portrait or landscape mode
  • It can directly upload to the web, or (through some configuration) through Flickr
  • Images can be selected and saved directly from a web page
  • Contact details can be selected and saved from a web page
  • When writing a text message, contact details can be selectively inserted without the message becoming a multimedia one (stupid Samsung phone!)
  • You can save MMS message content directly as text files and/or images
  • It has a counter for the bandwidth you’ve used, the airtime you’ve used, even the number of messages (and number of parts) that you’ve used
  • It supports Opera Mini, which is awesome
  • When composing a message, you can just enter in the first few characters of the recipient’s name, and you will search
  • You can add multiple recipients to a message by “marking” them individually
  • When adding many contacts to a message with multiple details, you will be prompted to select the desired detail for each
  • When a text message has an e-mail address added, it will become a multimedia message; but as soon as the e-mail address is removed, it reverts back to a text message <3

Things I Don’t Enjoy

  • You cannot add additional main menu icons (I think)
  • Navigation shortcut keys can't be set to downloaded applications

    Navigation keys can be set to downloaded applications; just go through Applications List

Google Sync

Yes, you can use this phone with Google Sync. Follow the instructions provided by Google.

Sadly Google only supports contact synchronisation with SyncML, so they cannot synchronise a calendar (etc). But considering the size of my Google Calendar, that’s probably a good thing ;)