Some ideas that I’d like to implement for the new…

High Priority

  1. An actually functioning OpenID server - completed 6 January 2013
  2. Slightly improved Wiki syntax - completed in r4531
  3. Support for redirections in Wiki - completed in r4540 using #REDIRECT [Title](
  4. Wiki pages actually support versions and diff between them - completed in r4546, see History:42 or History:43
  5. Revisit all links in the TODO category
  6. Support syntax highlighting (see Google Code syntax highlighting) - completed in r4531
  7. Update profile page
  8. Update research profile page
  9. Use _italic_ and *bold* Wiki syntax instead - completed in r4520
  10. Fix Special:Recent Changes - completed in r4529
  11. Automatically add links to RFC nnnn, ISO nnnn, DOI nnnn, ISBN

Normal Priority

  1. Favicon - done in r4551 (to the icon from jevon )
  2. Support Cron jobs, along with an interface to job status
  3. An improved user interface/new design - done in r4558
  4. Allow users to place comments on Wiki pages (with Captcha for spam, etc)
  5. Allow code blocks to specify language - completed in r4531 using [code java]
  6. An “activity feed” displaying my activity around the Internet
  7. Screenshots of all old websites and versions (started)
  8. Add a cron job to mirror all links (text-only) (just for me)
  9. A SPAM detection framework, that allows for spammy phrases to be tagged, and perhaps a callback interface to permit asynchronous moderation
  10. Allow deletion of old history entries (should not require any weird diff magic)

Low Priority

  1. Rewrite/refactor the Journals
  2. Rewrite/refactor the Music Wiki
  3. Add CV
  4. Add a cron job to identify broken links, and possibly replace link with local mirror

Possible Activity Feed Sources

  1. SVN commits, records
  2. Blog posts, journal posts
  3. scrobbles, journals, records
  4. Twitter posts, records
  5. Delicious saves, records
  6. Reddit posts, records
  7. Ohloh activity, records
  8. Flickr posts, records
  9. edits, records

Allow people to comment on feed activity - perhaps through both Facebook Comments, and a home-written one (requires account management)?