Within Text

	\guillemotleft {#1}\guillemotright

You can now use \stereotype{class} to create «class».

Within Verbatim

If you want to add a special symbol within the verbatim environment, things get a lot more interesting. First, you have to add a package to add the \text command in math mode:

% for \text in math mode

Now, you need to tell verbatim to allow specific characters to be escaped:

or \text{\guillemotleft}class\text{\guillemotright}

BUT, this also means that all other 's in your environment will now be LaTeX-enabled. Good luck working out how to turn that off ;)

Within Minted

Minted is a fantastic package for adding colour formatting to source code listings. But it can’t handle special characters. Internally, it uses the same “commandchars” tag for verbatim as above; the problem is that Pygments automatically escapes all \s in the text.

My nasty solution is to define special escape characters for \, { and }:

  • \!!\ becomes \
  • \!!{ becomes {
  • \!!} becomes }

You can then patch your Pygments\formatters\ with the following patch.

Finally, with a mode that is defined to mathescape=true, you can use the technique above to finally get special symbols:

or \!!\text\!!{\!!\guillemotleft\!!}class\!!\text\!!{\!!\guillemotright\!!}

Note that this doesn’t work in all environments; for example, the Java environment automatically reformats the \s before LaTeX is given a chance to. The effort necessary to disable this might resemble something like this revision, which disabled Operators and redefined the meaning of Text.

From here, you could write a batch script to automatically insert these symbols in, or you could redefine the special escape phrases, etc.