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GMF Troubleshooting 8

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When generating with GMF Dynamic Templates, I get one of the following errors:

aspects::impl::diagram::editparts::NodeEditPart:org.eclipse.gmf.internal.xpand.util.ParserException (stack trace not available)

This error occured when I was using generatedMemberComment like so:

«EXPAND xpt::Common::generatedMemberComment("Jevon's modification: we extend createNodeShape to use our extended class."

For some reason, the string cannot contain a single apostrophe '. So changing it to this solved this problem completely:
«EXPAND xpt::Common::generatedMemberComment("Jevon modification: we extend createNodeShape to use our extended class."


When generating with GMF Dynamic Templates, I get one of the following exceptions:

org.eclipse.gmf.internal.xpand.model.EvaluationException: org.eclipse.gmf.internal.xpand.util.ParserException, @... "oclExpressionCS"is invalid(...)
org.eclipse.gmf.internal.xpand.model.EvaluationException: org.eclipse.gmf.internal.xpand.util.ParserException, @... "multiplicativeExpCS"is invalid(...)

I got this error when upgrading my dynamic templates from GMF 2.0.1 to GMF 2.2. The problem appeared to be with this line:

«ERROR "Unsupported model facet: " + this»

Removing 'this' from the statement resolved the exception. It's not the '+' operator, but the 'this' keyword. You can also replace the 'this' keyword with 'self.repr()'.

I have a lot of tools in my palette, and some are in tool groups, but no scroll bar is being rendered.

"It isn't well documented but nesting drawers/toolgroups isn't recommended. When I moved all my drawers to the root of the palette my scrollbar problems went away." - http://dev.eclipse.org/newslists/news.eclipse.modeling.gmf/msg11444.html

My diagram editor is rendering elements that are not contained within the current diagram

This can occur if you have a model element with a phantom node reference, i.e. in the gmfmap, it's containment element is set to null. When this happens, a getPhantomNodesIterator(Resource) will be called, which by default returns Resource.getAllContents() [i.e. all elements within the current model!]

One solution is to give the phantom node an incorrect reference.
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