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Visual Basic Runtimes


Here are some Visual Basic runtime files. These shouldn't be necessary for Windows XP or later. If you don't know what to download, just download the first file and run it.

To install the .OCX and .DLL files, copy them to your Windows/System directory, and run:
regsvr32 filename.ocx
This will register the control in your system.


Title: Visual Basic 6.0 SP5 runtime files
Size: 1,020 KB
Download: vbrun60sp5.exe (from microsoft.com)

Title: comdlg32.ocx
Size: 61 KB
Download: comdlg32.zip

Title: dao350.dll
Size: 222 KB
Download: dao350.zip

Title: mscomctl.ocx
Size: 498 KB
Download: mscomctl.zip

Title: msflxgrd.ocx
Size: 108 KB
Download: msflxgrd.zip

Title: msinet.ocx
Size: 57 KB
Download: msinet.zip

Title: mswinsck.ocx
Size: 55 KB
Download: mswinsck.zip

Title: richtx32.ocx
Size: 95 KB
Download: richtx32.zip
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