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Stop Internet Explorer

Alright, that's it, I've had enough of this "browser" called Internet Explorer.

From now on I'm displaying this warning message across the top of all of my sites, if you are using Internet Explorer. You can turn it off using the "Turn bar off" link if it gets in your way, but otherwise, you really should upgrade to a better browser. If you're using Windows, I suggest Firefox.

Why? Well, here are some facts: Mostly, it's because Internet Explorer can't display websites properly, does not adhere to published web standards, and it's terrible to design for.

It's really easy to switch to another browser. Simply download Firefox.

Thank you for switching. If even half the people in the world changed, it would be a significant step towards world peace! (And developer sanity!)

If you have any ideas or comments on my technique of coercing people to install a different browser, please don't hesistate to e-mail me at iesucks@jevon.org.
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