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ICQ Contacts in XML

This site used to host a quick and dirty hack, which would allow you to retrieve some basic contact information about a user in ICQ via XML. It no longer works and I don't plan on supporting it again in the future. The remaining content is archived for historical purposes only.

It takes this page:
And returns this:
http://www.jevon.org/old/icqxml.php?uin=41466024 (click to view the XML)
You can use this service for whatever you like. This may break any time in the future, and it's supplied with no warranties, blah blah. Also, it probably won't work with weird character sets.

An alternative way to access the information is to fill in this form:

Note: If you request results too often, the site will temporarily blacklist you and you won't be able to get any for a while. Sad
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