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Revision History: Getting Git to work over SSH in Windows

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Git / Windows

Good luck! You need to do something like this:
  1. Install Cygwin to install bash and openssh and Cygwin's git
  2. You will now have a home directory ~ which will be something like C:/cygwin/home/Jevon
  3. Create new ~/.ssh/ public keys with ssh-keygen -t rsa by following this article
  4. Import these SSH public keys into your GitHub account SSH keys
  5. Make sure that your GIT_SSH environment variable is set to c:/cygwin/bin/ssh or something similar; if you installed TortoiseGit, this may be messed up to point to a Putty console
  6. Add the ssh-agent script to your ~/.bashrc
  7. Now, you can just run bash in any command prompt, which will ask you for your SSH keyphrase, and you can git push to your hearts content without having to re-enter your passphrase every time
  8. Use this online tool to customise your bash command prompt; this also goes into ~/.bashrc.
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