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Grunt is a build tool much like Ant or Maven, but using the beauty of Javascript.
  1. grunt.file - reading, writing files
My Grunt plugins:
  1. emberjs-handlebars-sanity

Publishing a new Grunt plugin

See Creating Plugins in Grunt. In particular:
  1. Install grunt-init with npm install -g grunt-init
  2. Install the gruntplugin template with git clone git:// ~/.grunt-init/gruntplugin
  3. Run grunt-init ~/.grunt-init/gruntplugin in an empty directory. Valid licenses are MIT, GPL-2.0, etc.
  4. Run npm install to prepare the development environment.
  5. Author your plugin.
  6. Run npm adduser to create a new user for publishing plugins - use any username/password/etc you want.
  7. Run npm publish to publish the Grunt plugin to npm!

Getting working

  1. Install necessary Grunt packages: npm install --save-dev grunt grunt-contrib-coffee grunt-cli
  2. Create a
module.exports = (grunt) ->
  grunt.registerTask 'default', 'Try Logging', ->
    grunt.log.write('Running the default task')
# Run grunt

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