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How I learnt EmberJS and Coffeescript

I'll be using the tutorial at
  1. Install Sublime Text 2 as an IDE
  2. Install the Sublime Linter by checking out SublimeLinter into your ST2 packages directory (since Sublime Linter is ST3 now): %APPDATA%Sublime Text 2Packages. This will give you things like PHP syntax error checking.
  3. Install Node.js which will also install NPM (Node.js package manager)
  4. Use npm to install coffeescript:
npm install -g coffee-script
# Check that coffeescript is working: coffee -v
  1. Install the CoffeeScript ST2 plugin by going Preferences > Package Control > Install Package > (wait for list to load) > CoffeeScript
  2. Sublime Text should now support coffeescript linting. (I couldn't get this to work properly yet.)

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