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Some random ramblings... under construction, and I'm always adding more.
  1. ICQ Contacts in XML
  2. HTML Entities
  3. Setting up the BPFTP FTP Server
  4. Random Troubleshooting
  5. Playing Deus Ex Music in Winamp
  6. Making MSN 7 use Winamp for Now Playing
  7. XMLSpy
  8. Jevon Online Whatpulse Team
  9. Changing your MSN Colour
  10. Converting Webshots files to JPEGs
  11. Rollercoaster Tycoon on Windows XP
  12. Simple Right Click Convert WAV to MP3 in Windows


  1. Articles/Using mod_rewrite With PHP
  2. Programming Snippets
  3. Visual Basic Array Speeds
  4. Converting Bases
  5. From HTML 4 to XHTML 1
  6. Writing to a Console in Eclipse
  7. Eclipse

Fun Stuff

  1. Booga's Musical Tastes
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